14 November 2006

A Suggested Reading List from WS

Oh, blog, how I've missed and neglected you!

Excuse #1 for not writing -- Well, I've been busy. First quarter grades were due last week, so I spent, um, all of last week grading papers until my eyeballs were about to explode. I graded: at Starbuck's; at the library (their chairs are very comfortable. No, really!); on the metro; during the intermission of Martha, Josie, and the Chinese Elvis, the PWYC preview at Woolly that I went to see with Jess, Steve, and Liz; and in the car at red lights. I finished fifteen minutes before the last deadline. And now they are done. Yay!

Excuse #2 for not writing -- Well, I have been writing. Just not blogging. On Halloween, Jess told me about NaNoWriMo (that's short for National Novel Writing Month), and I thought, "Hey, motivation to start that novel I've been outlining over and over for the last three years!" And on November 1st... I totally did not start that novel. But I did continue work on several short stories that have been "in progress" for a while and are now "nearing completion" thanks to my 500-words-a-day minimum. (It doesn't seem like a lot, but when you only really get to write from 10:00 to 11:00 PM, it's enough.)

Excuse #3 for not writing -- I'm so freaking tired. Quit bugging me, me.

But now I'm back! Hopefully more consistantly!

So remember, way back, when I confessed my crush on LG? Yeah, I'm still working on that. Trust me: I've taken my kids to the library more this month than I did the entirety of last year. But since I'm apparently not working it fast enough, my brother, WS, is still calling me several times a week to make helpful "suggestions" from, as he puts it, "a guy's perspective."

Here is the e-mail he sent me today:

Ros -- Make sure to check out a bunch of books from the library. Make sure to
check out Did you do anything fun this weekend? by Ida t. ealot and the classic
Let's go get some coffee by Mr. Smoot - Hopperator. Man, those are can't misses!
-- WS

Heh. Are those even in the library catalogue?