20 July 2006

From London

Hello from London!

Just a quick post to say it is damn hot here and that I climbed to the tippy-top of St. Paul's yesterday afternoon. The brochure said it was 523 steps, but it felt like a million, all uneven and stony and curved around the core column. Still... the view was amazing!

Today I'm off to see Salisbury and Stonehenge (and some other things). Crossing my fingers that the temperature will finally go down, or else I need to buy the biggest bottle of water in the world!


Jess said...

Hope you're enjoying Salisbury and Stonehenge today in lovely moderate weather. I can't wait for the annual picture-guided tale of your trip! You should post some pictures on your blog, too.

Anonymous said...

The jealousy, oh, the jealousy! I can't wait to hear stories and see photos. By the by, I found a perfect book yesterday- Anna Quindlen's "Imagined London". It's a literary tour of London! Perfect!