06 August 2009

Ros Needs to Relax: The Car Dance Remix

I am so needlessly stressed out by my summer job. It's not what I'm doing (because, to be perfectly honest, a monkey could probably do this job, so long as he followed the building's strict dress code) but rather the people I'm working with.

They are driving me crazy. Let me give you an example:

As I've mentioned before, a lot of my job involves alphabetizing evaluations and sending them to the file room by the box. I've probably sent about 8 or 9 boxes to the file room over the last four weeks.

So yesterday afternoon, the AA who supervises me calls me. "We're looking for [insert name here]'s evaluation," she says. "Have we received it?"

I look at my (carefully kept) records. "Yes, we received it a few weeks ago," I say. "It should be in the file room."

Twenty minutes later, AA comes to my desk. "Can you go down to the file room?" she asks. "They can't find the evaluation."

Would you like to know why they can't find it? They can't find it because they haven't filed a single box that I've sent down since I started working here. When I got down to the file room, I found the evaluation in five minutes. In a box. That I sent over a month ago.

Seriously, what do these people do all day? They work in the file room. Shouldn't they be, I don't know, filing?

... Anyway. It's frustrating, and it makes the endless traffic that I sit in on my way home from work even worse.

So when I got home yesterday afternoon, knowing that I'd be turning around and driving back out to Jess's, I decided to make a CD of songs that would inspire more car dancing and less swearing:
  1. I Got a Feeling -- Black Eyed Peas
  2. Inside Out -- Eve 6
  3. Monkeywrench -- Foo Fighters
  4. That's Not My Name -- The Ting-Tings
  5. Mercy Me -- Alkaline Trio
  6. Right Round -- Flo Rida
  7. Love and Memories -- OAR
  8. Sexbomb (Peppermint Disco Remix) -- Tom Jones
  9. Original Prankster -- Offspring
  10. Untouched -- The Veronicas
  11. How Far We've Come -- Matchbox 20
  12. Rock Star -- Prima J
  13. Who Do You Love -- Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
  14. Timebomb -- Beck
  15. So Sad to Say -- Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  16. Shut Up and Let Me Go -- The Ting Tings
  17. We Used to Be Frieds -- Dandy Warhols
  18. Don't Trust Me -- 3Oh!3
  19. Blue Skies -- Blue October
  20. American Idiot -- Green Day
In the end, car dancing was the ultimate destresser. I just turned up the music superloud and sang along (superloud) and danced as I drove (superflail!).

(This was especially helpful when, driving home from Jess's, I got caught up in unexpected roadwork, and the normally 35-minute drive was... an hour and a half. Closing three out of four lanes of traffic on a major highway? Not cool, road guys. Not cool.)

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Jess said...

Oh noes! I'm sorry it took you so long to get home. At least you had the Ting Tings. And I <3 that Blue October song!