10 August 2009

Those Who Can...

I wrote a whole long post about my (continued) pathos about teaching, but rather than subject you to it -- it's very prosaic -- I'll just link the article that resonated so strongly with me:

"Why I Left Teaching Behind" by Sarah Fine (The Washington Post, 9 August 2009)

I feel much the same about teaching as Fine does, for many of the same reasons, especially as she discusses the current perception of teachers -- "the fact that," as she writes, "a portion of the American public sees teaching as a second-rate profession."

One of my least favorite quotes of all time is "Those who can, do; those who can't, teach." Because, please. The Simpsons says it best:

Dance Instructor: Marge, there's an old saying about those who can't

Marge: Teach?

Dance Instructor: No, they go home. How can you teach if you can't

And... word.

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Sadako said...

I don't remember that Simpsons ep, but it's so true! And i've always hated that saying too. It's so demeaning. I bet the ppl who can't do anything, even teach, are the ones who coined it.